Inside cabins on Majesty: Can they really be that small?

Spoiler alert: Yes.

I became intrigued by Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas when I read Cruise Critic’s list of best inside cruise ship cabins – where Majesty’s interior cabins were actually listed as one of the “3 to avoid.” I suppose it’s like that time in college where your friend mixes a drink, grimaces after the first sip, and says, “This is gross – here, try it!” I just couldn’t help myself!

I booked us on a 3-night Majesty cruise to Nassau and CocoCay, Royal Caribbean’s private island. I figured that if the room really was as bad as advertised, I’d only have to put up with it for three nights – how bad could it be? Plus, I have a soft spot for inside cabins, where I spent many of my early days cruising (before I could afford a balcony) and where I got some of my best nights of sleep ever (so dark!).

When we boarded, my husband and I worked our way to the very front of the ship and to our interior stateroom, #5507. We were in a wide interior hallway that went across the ship from port to starboard with cabins on both sides.

As we paused outside the door, I reminded him of the legendary small size of these cabins. I asked him to think about his first impression: Was it bigger or smaller than we expected?

We opened the door and both agreed that the room was bigger than we expected. But its drawback became abundantly clear as my eyes fixated on the bed – pushed together, the two twin beds formed a queen that had nowhere to go but in an awkward corner of the room. This inconvenient setup really put a damper on the room for me, and I have to admit that for my next cruise on Majesty, I might bring a friend instead of my husband – the rooms set up with two twins, with the beds pushed to the sides of the room, seemed much more tolerable.

At the end of the day, the bed setup was just that – an inconvenience. Rarely do you choose an inside room intending to spend a lot of time in it, and especially for a short time, most of your time is spent outside in the common areas – of which Majesty had many, and some truly lovely ones.

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