Hanging out: Public Areas on Majesty OTS

When you’re staying in an inside cabin, as I was on Majesty of the Seas, you tend to spend a lot of time in public areas such as bars and lounges. Since my inside room on Majesty was a wee bit small, I was pleased to find so many lovely public areas to hang out in while we were on the ship.

One of my favorite parts of Royal Caribbean’s ships is the Viking Crown Lounge. This much-loved feature can be found in most of Royal’s older ships, although it was replaced by a suites-only restaurant on Oasis-class ships. The Viking Crown Lounge on Majesty is used at night to host a reception for elite loyalty guests (Crown and Anchor Diamond level and above), but you can still access part of it at this time, and the whole area is available during the daytime. Its height above the deck makes it an excellent perch to people-watch on the pool deck or watch the ship sail away from a port. (In our case, we had a noon arrival into Nassau, and found this a fantastic viewpoint to watch our entry and docking.)

Another great place to gather on Majesty is the Schooner Bar, another iconic feature in Royal Caribbean’s fleet. I especially liked the size of the Schooner Bar on Majesty, as well as its lovely large windows. Majesty’s Schooner Bar is also full of fun touches that make for great pictures, like this Viking sculpture. (The hubby and I had a little fun with this one. 🙂

Photo Aug 18, 2 01 06 PM

Right outside the bar, I found a great spot for a photo – full speed ahead, Captain! They may seem cheesy, but to this long-time cruiser, these small things are reminiscent of a bygone era in cruising that brings back lots of fond memories.

Photo Aug 18, 4 37 34 PM (1)

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