My first time booking a guarantee room

Ah, the mythical “guarantee” rate – I’d heard about it often in my time as a cruiser, especially as I began to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of being a travel agent. Mostly, I’d heard about guarantee rates as a way to get a good price for your cruise, so naturally, I was intrigued.

Rather than being its own type of cruise cabin, guarantee refers to a booking that’s made in a certain class of cabin without an assignment to a specific room. In a typical cruise booking, you get the opportunity to pick the specific cabin you’ll sail in; with a guarantee, the cruise line picks for you. The name comes from the fact that your booking will “guarantee” you that you’ll get no worse of a cabin than the type you’ve chosen: For instance, if you choose an ocean view guarantee, you may get an ocean view cabin or possibly even a balcony, but you won’t get assigned to an inside room.

There are a lot of advantages to the guarantee rate. As I had heard, it’s often cheaper than the price you’ll pay to pick your own room, and on our 4-day cruise to Cuba, I figured that the location of our stateroom wouldn’t really be a deal-breaker, especially for a short cruise on a smaller ship. If you book a guarantee cabin, you’ll be assigned your stateroom at some point between your booking and your sail date, and a part of me has to admit that it was a little exciting to check my Cruise Planner to find out what room I’d been assigned.

Many cruisers are lured to book a guarantee room by the elusive potential for a blockbuster upgrade – because you’ll only be assigned up, and not down, in the category of your room, it’s certainly possible that your oceanview guarantee could turn into a lovely balcony room. But most experts advise that you shouldn’t count on this – and in fact, that you should be prepared to accept any cabin in your category of booking, even the worst of them (tiny rooms, obstructed views, etc).

We were assigned to an acceptable but odd oceanview room: We were located at the very front of the ship, with a window that looked out onto a publicly accessible deck as you see in the photo at the top of this blog post. (No, this is not at all normal! Most windows face out to the ocean.) We also had two (unused) pull-down bunks that, even when stowed, were a little bit of a nuisance. (You can watch a video tour of the room next door to ours – identical in terms of layout to ours – to see what I mean.)

Ultimately, I had a good experience with my guarantee room, and I booked another one shortly thereafter. It’s all about managing your expectations and being prepared for whatever you get!

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