Majesty of the Seas Live Blog: Day 4

How did it get to be the last day of the cruise already?? Day 4 was our day at sea, and so I took advantage and slept in…until almost 8 am. Woohoo!

I had signed up for the brunch and galley tour at 11 am, so my morning was pretty much taken up with writing the previous day’s blog post and ingesting large amounts of coffee. (You may have noticed that none of my posts have mentioned breakfast – I’m currently on an eating plan called intermittent fasting, where I only drink black coffee and water until noon each day. It’s been a surprisingly easy “diet” to follow on a cruise!)

I showed up around five minutes to 11 for the galley tour, which met in one of the dining rooms. I was surprised to see almost a hundred other people waiting as well – apparently this event is very popular! The event cost $30 per person and included a tour of the galley areas along with unlimited champagne/mimosas, followed by a sit-down brunch (and the continuation of said mimosas). I maayyyy have had a few mimosas, which made sitting down to edit and post the blog entry I’d written earlier a bit of a challenge!

I enjoyed most of the afternoon having some down time in my cabin. At this point, I must sound like a really lame, boring person, but I can promise you (and people will vouch for this) that’s not true! I’m what you might call an extroverted introvert, and while I enjoyed chatting with people throughout this cruise (something that’s a lot easier when you’re cruising solo, I found), I also really enjoyed the opportunities to be quiet by myself, reading a book or checking Twitter.

After dinner, I stopped in the casino to play some video poker before catching the production show for the evening. I won a big hand and was up by $20, hurray! But then I came back later and lost it all back again…I’m beginning to see a trend here. The show was a little disappointing, so I left early to go back to my room and pack up, then go to bed.

It was on Day 4 that I started to get an indication that my flights home might be affected by some wintry weather. The forecast looked increasingly dire as the day went on, so I set my alarm for 6 am (about the time I figured we’d have cell service in anticipation of our 7 am arrival) so I could call the airline to try to get on earlier flights, and to make sure that I’d be on the very first shuttle from the port back to the airport just in case an earlier flight was available.

My last night at sea ended with the motion of the ship gently rocking me to sleep. I’m really going to miss this….

Read Day 5’s blog here.

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