Some pictures from Navigator of the Seas

In early 2019, Royal Caribbean “amplified” its ship Navigator of the Seas to include a tiki bar, a blowdry bar, waterslides and a redesigned pool area, and so much more! Here are a few pictures from my recent three-night cruise on Navigator.

Navigator of the Seas sails 3- and 4-night short cruises from Miami to Nassau and Royal Caribbean’s redesigned island experience Perfect Day at CocoCay. Message me if you’d like to know more or start planning your Navigator cruise!

Majesty of the Seas Live Blog: Day 2

Day 2 started early, but fortunately not as early as Day 1! My alarm was set for 6:30 am, but I actually woke up around 6:20 as it was starting to get light in the room. Around 6:45, I put on clothes and headed up to the pool deck to catch the sunrise and drink some coffee. I was planning to go to CocoCay fairly early, as I had rented a beach bed and wanted to make the most of it, but I knew that I didn’t want to wait in line for the first few tenders. So I took my time, worked on my Day 1 blog post, drank some coffee, and chatted with some fellow cruisers.

They announced around 8:30 am that the tenders had started running, so I went to my cabin to get ready for the day. I finished up the first day’s live blog and posted it while in my cabin. Around 9:15, I started heading for Deck 2 to get in the line for a tender, only to find – surprise! – that the line wound up the stairs back to Deck 3. Fortunately, once a new tender pulled up to the ship, the line moved quickly (a staff member told us that the tenders hold about 250 people each; on a ship the size of Majesty, that’s not a problem!).

The tender ride to CocoCay is quick and easy, though it will still be nice when the new pier is finished next year. I walked off the tender and found the pickup spot for beach beds, where I boarded a shuttle that took me to the private beach where beds and bungalows are located – it’s at the far end of the area, so while you could certainly walk, it’s nice to have a ride!

I’ll write more about my beach bed experience, but overall I’d say that it was a very positive one, and I’ll definitely consider a beach bed again (especially if I can get it on sale like I did this time). As you may have seen in the pictures, I’m a sunburn-prone ginger, but the bungalow afforded me enough shade to spend nearly four hours on the beach…although it didn’t work out exactly as I had planned.

I headed back to the ship via the tender a little after 2 pm and made a remarkably responsible decision: I was going to go to the gym! It would have been easy to be dissuaded (ladies, if you’ve ever tried to put on a sports bra when you’re already sweaty, you know what I mean, haha), but I persevered and made my way to the fitness center at the back of the ship, where I walked for about 30 minutes on the treadmill while looking out at some beautiful blue waters. Hey, if you have to get some exercise, it’s not a bad way to do it!

After the gym, I headed back to the room to shower and clean up. I’d gotten a bucket of ice earlier in the day to chill down one of the bottles of wine I brought on board, but I realized that I didn’t have a corkscrew. But not a problem – I had met some ladies staying in a cabin down the hall who mentioned they had brought one with them. So I traded a couple of glasses of wine for the use of their corkscrew – not a bad deal for either of us! J

As I’m used to eating much later, my assigned 6 pm dinner time kind of snuck up on me. It was formal night, so I put on my dress and poured myself a glass of wine to bring along to dinner with me. (The cruise lines will often charge a corkage fee if you bring your own bottle of wine to dinner, but bringing a glass is no problem!)

After dinner, I went back to my room to change into more comfortable clothes for the evening. I stopped in the casino to kill some time before the 7:30 show and won about $30 at video poker. Feeling pleased with myself, I cashed out my winnings and headed to the theater. The production show was very good, and three of the four singers were really excellent. (We’ll just leave at that.) At the end of the show, one of the passengers proposed to his girlfriend! It was very clever and she said yes, so everyone was in a good mood.

Riding high on the positive vibes, I made my way back to the casino and promptly lost $40 on a slot machine. I guess that’s how these things stay in business, huh? Because I was able to quit while I was behind on Day 2, I was still able to say that I was up for the trip, as I won about $75 on the first night.

I checked my watch. It was 10 pm. I decided I was tired, so I went back to my cabin and went to bed. This traveling alone thing isn’t half bad….

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Drinks on the beach in CocoCay, Bahamas

Nothing says “I’m on vacation!” like a beach and a frozen adult beverage. Fortunately, on Royal Caribbean’s private island CocoCay, you can get both of these things, and they’re (both) pretty awesome. (The floating bar, pictured above, is pretty awesome as well!)

I’d first visited CocoCay on a cruise with some friends to celebrate my 40th birthday. We’d all purchased Royal Caribbean’s deluxe beverage package because…well, it was my 40th birthday. We were excited to try the signature drink of the island, the Coco Loco. And try it we did! And we tried it again, and again, because…well, it was my 40th birthday.

When we returned to CocoCay on our Majesty cruise, I was excited to belly up to the bar and order myself a Coco Loco. I was surprised to see the bartender start assembling a plastic souvenir cup for my drink. I stopped him and said that I didn’t want to pay anything extra – I already have too many plastic drink cups at home! But I came to find out from the bartender that cruisers without a drink package pay a price for the Coco Loco that includes the cost of the cup – it’s only those cruisers with a drink package who receive it in a normal plastic cup.

So, now we have an additional plastic souvenir cup in our collection…guess I’ll remember to leave extra space in my luggage on future trips, unless I’m planning to get the beverage package!