Drinks on the beach in CocoCay, Bahamas

Nothing says “I’m on vacation!” like a beach and a frozen adult beverage. Fortunately, on Royal Caribbean’s private island CocoCay, you can get both of these things, and they’re (both) pretty awesome. (The floating bar, pictured above, is pretty awesome as well!)

I’d first visited CocoCay on a cruise with some friends to celebrate my 40th birthday. We’d all purchased Royal Caribbean’s deluxe beverage package because…well, it was my 40th birthday. We were excited to try the signature drink of the island, the Coco Loco. And try it we did! And we tried it again, and again, because…well, it was my 40th birthday.

When we returned to CocoCay on our Majesty cruise, I was excited to belly up to the bar and order myself a Coco Loco. I was surprised to see the bartender start assembling a plastic souvenir cup for my drink. I stopped him and said that I didn’t want to pay anything extra – I already have too many plastic drink cups at home! But I came to find out from the bartender that cruisers without a drink package pay a price for the Coco Loco that includes the cost of the cup – it’s only those cruisers with a drink package who receive it in a normal plastic cup.

So, now we have an additional plastic souvenir cup in our collection…guess I’ll remember to leave extra space in my luggage on future trips, unless I’m planning to get the beverage package!