Kids Sail Free? Not quite…

…or at least, not always.

I book a lot of my clients on Royal Caribbean, and with good reason — I’m a frequent cruiser of the line myself, and because of my good experiences, I always feel comfortable recommending Royal’s wide variety of ships and itineraries.

I have to admit, though, some of Royal’s marketing strategies really drive me up the wall as a travel agent. For example, the popular “Kids Sail Free” promotion only applies to certain cruise sailings, not that you’d know that from the website.

Another popular promotion on the Royal site is the “BOGO” sale – Buy One Get One 50% off, or sometimes even 60% off. What a lot of people don’t know is that this discount is reflected in the price that you seen on Royal Caribbean’s website, and doesn’t add additional discounts to the prices that you see online.

These sales are confusing, to be sure! That’s another reason why it’s good to work with a travel agent: We can help you parse through all the marketing promotions and get the absolute best price for your cruise vacation (kids or no kids).

Now, don’t get me started on the pricing of Royal Caribbean’s drink packages…that’s another story (blog post) entirely….