Cruise port breweries: Ålesund, Norway

Mr. Nerdy Traveler and I are big craft beer aficionados, and one of the things we do in every cruise port is look to find a local brewery. In this series of posts, I’ll be recommending some of our favorites that you can check out on your next cruise. Heck, you might even want to plan a cruise just to visit some of them!

In Ålesund, Norway, we were excited to find the fantastic beers and food of Molo Brew. We were starving after a walk around the town and the burgers and sweet potato fries really hit the spot. I was especially impressed by the extensive beer list! We tried two flights of four and two additional brews after those were done.

This being Norway, the prices were high – our two burgers and the beers cost us nearly $100 US. But we felt they were all well worth the money. Molo Brew is conveniently located in a building right next to the cruise port – as you can see below, you can actually see the cruise ship through the brewery’s large windows! (It can be kind of reassuring if you’re worried the ship will leave without you, haha.)

In addition to appreciating the fantastically wide selection, the hubby and I thought Molo’s brews were fantastic. We’re mostly IPA drinkers and we loved that Molo had a lot of hoppy options for us to choose from, including one of the best beer names I’ve seen, “David Hasselhops.”

If your Norway cruise stops in Ålesund, I definitely recommend that you make some time to stop in Molo Brew. And if you don’t have a cruise planned to Norway — well, what are you waiting for?? Message on Facebook or send me an email at and let’s get started on planning it.


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